Kids with capes!

Hey guys!

I just want to tell you all about my new project ‘Kids with capes!’  I started this project to help children who are in need. They have a wonderful home with a beautiful lady who takes care of them and give them the motherly love each child deserves , but they are in need for some warm clothes , toiletries , toys etc.

What is this project about?

This project is about helping all these children who live in the orphanage. People donate old clothes , toys , blankets and even groceries for these children. The caretaker is pregnant and she’s expecting her little baby girl this week.

Our donation program:

The past two weeks we’ve got a lot of  help from the community , receiving a lot of clothes , toys and stuff for the baby. But I want to start a project where we can all work together. We are going to partner up with grocery stores , and sell for eg. Pancakes, right in front of the store. Some of the money will be going to the store and the rest will go to the orphanage. Some of the children will help me for the day , to show the community that they work for what they want!


Donating baby clothes

I want to make them part of the community, to show them that they mean something to us. I believe that if they work for something , it will make them feel better about themselves. The feeling of having contact with people , seeing that people will support them always , no matter what.

DSC_0185.JPGMy friend Carla Kruger will be helping me with my project every step of the way and I can’t wait to share it with you! These little children really dug deep into my heart.

We will keep you posted.

much love



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