Inspiring children

Today I had the privilege meeting twelve lovely children who live in a orphanage. The building is old and there’s not much to look at. The floor tiles are cracked and the wall’s paint is pealing off , yet they call it home…

The kids I met today

We were taking a Sunday cruise when my boyfriend suddenly popped out the idea he had. He told me that we should make packets filled with sweets and chips, and hand them out to the children at the orphanage. I thought it was a great idea! We went to the orphanage to speak to the caretaker to find out how many children there are. We went to West Pack and bought different packs of sweets and made a packet filled with candy for each child


Packets filled with candy, chips and juice. 

As we arrived at the orphanage, you could see the children peeking through the curtains , filled with curiosity. One by one a child came out to see what was happening. We put the packets under the tree , right in front of their house and they came closer to us


Little Lisa

I started talking to them , asking them what they’re names are. They were friendly and told me everything I asked. Little Lisa was so happy that we have the same names! Every child had great manners and behaved nice. DSC_0174.JPGMy friend and I are starting a project to help these kids. Every Sunday we are going to go and say hi to them ,play games and be crafty . We’re collecting old clothes and toys to help make a difference in their lives.

DSC_0183.JPG These little children bring joy to my heart and I will do anything to help them where I can. I love them already! Thank you for reading my story, If you want to help by donating old clothes or toys please feel free to contact me on email :

you CAN make a difference in their lives.

much love



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