Blog Essentials

DSC_0043[1].jpgBlogging is fun yes , but do you have all the essentials? 80% of a successful blog is PLANNING…yes planning. If you plan your weekly posts ahead (or even monthly) your posts will be better because you know exactly what to do.

Some of the essentials I use for planning:

  1. Diary.
2017 Diary


In my diary I write all the stuff I need to do on a certain day for eg. If I have to post a blog 4 times in a month , I look at my diary and plan the dates I will be posting on my blog. I write important notes about my blog on the day I posted. Another tip is when you’re at school or work or any place that’s not home , and an idea suddenly pops into your head , you can just write it down.

2. Blog Planner.

File I use for my blog planner.
I bought a clip-binder file, where I print out all my planners and schedules from January to December. I make my own vision boards and Goal tracker. I also downloaded a printable from Pinterest by Dear Crissy. You can download yours at

I love having this file because you can literally print out anything you want to use to make blogging more fun and planning better. I also print out my own list of ideas and file with the rest of my planner. Vision board are great because you’re setting goals for yourself like ‘where I want to be in 5 years’ etc.

3. Inspiration.




Elle magazine South Africa

Elle magazine South Africa.

I find most of my inspiration on Pinterest and magazines. The We heart it app has pretty good photos that you can use for inspiration. I usually print them out and add them to my file , so that I always have them with me. I also use the photos for photography ideas , how I want to take pictures of flat lays etc.

4. Camera


Coral Polaroid Instax Mini 8
I love taking pictures with my polaroid camera and add them to photo’s. Polaroid camera’s are ideal for super cute snapshots you want to take in the moment. I use a Nikon camera for my blog pictures and photography ideas. The instax camera looks great when you use it in another photo. You can use it for travel-essentials, what you carry in your bag essentials and loads more.

5. Notebook and sticky notes.

notebooks are always a must-have!

I always have a notebook in my handbag , not just for writing important details down but also making notes on what you’re doing , because later when you go home , you can go through your notes and find some ideas to blog about.




I love to use cute paperclips and paper holders for planning. It just makes my planning look super adorable and it adds colour to all the plain  looking papers and files. I like using different coloured pens when planning. It just looks so much better than the ordinary black and white markers.


I hope this post gave you some ideas to help you plan your blog posts.


much love



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