persuit of happiness.

persuit of happiness written all over the broken walls


On Sunday evening we explored this old building. On the outside the building looks rusty and it’s broken down. But on the inside , the building is a piece of art. ‘Persuit of happiness’ is spraypainted on the walls. Repeatedly. These snow white walls are painted with a beautiful baby blue colour. There are plants growing up against the walls.

Tree growing in the middle of the building

we also discovered a pretty picnic area , with the most beautiful view, especially when it’s sunset


beautiful snapshot of the sunset.
spraypainted walls

It’s a quiet place , you can only hear the birds singing , the winds blowing through the trees and the smell of nature. I think what caught me off guard most was the fact that this building is in no use… no windows, no door , nothing  but the beauty lies within. This taught me that beauty comes in all shades. You can either see it as a building that’s broken down and it’s in no use, or you can see it as a story, a history. This building was once standing , and people used it, and now, the building is a piece of art! It’s far away from noises and its story is definitely not stopping here.

where you enter the building.
building from the outside.

the world is your oyster and it’s up to you to find the pearls.

Let me know of the old buildings you discovered also has its own story to you. comment down below what you think of this post and also what ideas you want me to do.

much love



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